Banner Photograph of BRAD CEMETERY - Highway 180 West of Palo Pinto. Taken by Judith Richards Shubert 2009.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brad in the Bluebonnets

Brad Cemetery

The top photograph was taken in January of 2009 and the bottom one in April of 2010. In my first post showing the Mallory Monument I promised to go back to Brad and take a picture of the back of the stone. It did not have any names on it, and I assume it was placed there as a family monument. The other Mallory headstones found nearby are pictured below.

When my husband and I arrived at the cemetery there was a light misty rain falling and he decided to stay in the Suburban. Usually he gets out and helps me find names or stones that I may be searching for, or he just walks along in his own thoughts. Sometimes you'll even see him off in the distance in one of my pictures! That day he took the opportunity to just sleep.

Bob Shubert

The most delightful surprise was the beautiful wildflowers, particularly the bluebonnets, that covered the graves in this often lonely feeling cemetery. 
 Bobby Lee Mallory
Oct. 17, 1925 - Dec. 10, 2002
Married November 22, 1951
Mary Margaret
Sept. 12, 1926 - Dec. 5, 1996
"Our Children: Melodee, Jeffry & Mark"

 Jeffry Alan
son of
Bob & Margaret Mallory
Born and Died April 29, 1955

Lou F.Mallory
Oct. 12, 1901 - Nov. 26, 2002
Omer L. Mallory
April 8, 1899 - April 17, 1965
"Together in His Hands Forever" 

 Hugh Edgar Mallory
Cpl US Army
Aug. 25, 1932 - Feb. 23, 1995

Charlie Pat Mallory
Aug. 12, 1954 - 
Barbara Jean Mallory 
Apr. 11, 1934 - Jan. 28, 2003
Married on September 15 
"The Lord is my Light and my Salvation;
of Whom Shall I be Afraid?" Psalm 27

 Cole Austin Mallory
Jan. 7, 2008 - Jan. 7, 2008
A Mallory Angel

 Rachel A. Mallory
Aug. 2, 1967 - Dec. 31, 2000
Mother of Amanda, Zachary & Gabby

Whoops! He's awake! Until next time.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Judy. I think this is a pretty cemetery. The child's tombstone with the angel crying is so sad.

  2. Thanks, Debbie. I was so pleased to see the bluebonnets that day. Yes, the child's headstone with the crying angel is sad. I wish I had taken a closer look at it.

  3. Today I couldn't wait to log on to your blog. You see, today I am in Watauga and Sissy and I went past the Smithfiled Cem. I remembered you wrote about it before so I am using your site as a research tool. There are LOTS of cemeteries around here. Wanna get together?

  4. Hi Diane! Wouldn't that be fun? We spent the day in Mineral Wells today working on the old high school memorial room - getting ready for the reunion in 2 weeks. We've just gotten back home (4:15 pm) and I've logged in to see my messages. Will you be here for several day? I would love to meet you. It's fantastic and so flattering for you to use my blog as a research tool!

  5. The Bluebonnets make this graveyard so peaceful, so beautiful! I really love your work and your blog!

  6. Thanks so much for your kind comments "Traveled"! Brad Cemetery is one of my favorite ones in Palo Pinto County. And I agree, the bluebonnets are beautiful. Thanks for reading.

  7. I am a north Texas resident and a descendent of the Mallories in England as these folks.

  8. Saw your blog listed at Geneabloggers and decided to check it out. I loved reading your post and I felt guilt since I have not taken the time to take photos of my ancestor graves. DO have a few but I can always do better.

    Take care,

    Moises Garza
    We Are Cousins - My personal blog about Northeastern Mexico and South Texas Genealogy

    Mexican Genealogy - Blog where anyone with Mexican Ancestry can get started with their Family Genealogy and History.

  9. Hi Anonymous!
    So glad you found my blog post about the Palo Pinto County Mallorys. It's exciting for me to know readers sometime still find a connection in one of cemetery jaunts or posts. Please visit again.

    Moises, I am pleased that you checked out my blog on Texas Cemeteries. How rewarding for me to know that you and others enjoy my writing and photos. Don't feel guilt ~ I have so much more to add to my blogs, but seems the time just seems to get shorter and shorter! I'm anxious to go to your blogs and see if I can find some of my cousins there.
    Isn't Geneabloggers great?

  10. very nice post. can some one tell me that Bevel marker can be used in these types of memorials or not?

  11. The Bluebonnets are beautiful.

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