Banner Photograph of BRAD CEMETERY - Highway 180 West of Palo Pinto. Taken by Judith Richards Shubert 2009.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zion Hill Cemetery - Plumlee Family of Parker County

Zion Hill Cemetery
Zion Hill Community
Parker County, Texas near Weatherford
This possibly could be the original entrance to the cemetery. It looks like a hitching post to the right, but this could be conjecture on my part. I have not found any information on the cemetery other than what is written on the Texas Historical Commission sign.

Zion Hill Church School and Cemetery
"Zion Hill was named by early settler Samuel Wolfenberg who deeded 4 acres for a school / church and cemetery in 1877. Zion Hill School, established in 1868, operated until 1927 when it merged with the Peaster School system. The school building also housed early church services. Zion Hill Church was organized in 1871. The first recorded burial is that of Wolfenberg's granddaughter, Margaret Lionberger, in 1879. The cemetery covers 6 acres and contains more than 700 burials including at least 8 Civil War veterans and many veterans of World War I and World War II."
A Freemason
Born Sept. 2, 1830 - Died in 1888

The first Plumlee headstone I came upon in Zion Hill was this one which has been preserved. The broken pieces found and placed on a base of concrete stone in order to protect what remains of this once lovely memorial to a beloved family member. There were several markers for Plumlee family members in the same area of the cemetery. They were placed near the entrance on the south side and along the east and north side. Near this broken stone the next three grave markers were found and then the following headstones and markers. I have posted all of the photos of Plumlee markers that I saw for those who are researching the Plumlee / Sapp line in Parker County.

Infant Children of J.W. Plumlee
Two by M. F. Plumlee and one by L. A. Plumlee

Dec. 19, 1892 - Apr. 6, 1935

1860 - 1925

July 19, 1891 - Aug. 13, 1907

son of
J. D. & ? Plumlee

Dec. 4, 1869 - Feb. 4, 1941
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
Wife of
Born May 2, 1828 - Died Mar. 5, 1896
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
Howard L. - Born 1938 -
Annie Ruth - Born 1939 - Died 2003

1892 - 1912
John W. - Born Aug. 24, 1856 - Died Feb. 20, 1941
Fannie - Born Aug. 8, 1867 - Died Dec. 10, 1941
"Asleep in Jesus"
July 27, 1876 - Jan. 1, 1954
"None Knew Her But to Love Her" 
Wife of John D. Plumlee

July 24, 1902 - Jan. 23, 1992
Mar. 4, 1905 - Jul. 21, 2005
"Married Dec. 23, 1923  

A Peaceful Place to Rest
View looking West  

  View looking East
 Zion Hill Cemetery - 1879
Entrance Gate on South Side
View looking West  
Zion Hill Community Church
South of the Cemetery

Zion Hill is also the burial place of several of my Richards ancestors, including my great-grandparents, Joshua Hooper Richards and Elizabeth "Sallie" Conway Richards. They are not far from some of the Plumlee family graves, reinforcing my belief that there is a tie to them through the Sapp family line. Joshua Hooper Richards is the grandson of Charles Harrison Richards and Mary "Polly" Sapp Richards of Shelby County, Texas and originally from Alabama.

Zion Hill Cemetery, Zion Hill Community, Parker Co., Texas.

Photographs in Digital Format. Property of Judith Richards Shubert, Fort Worth, Texas.  


  1. That's a beautiful cemetery. I don't see any Plumlee names that match mine. My 2nd great grand aunt, Amanda Susannah Blanton, married James Preston Plumlee about 1861 probably in Parker Co. He is there in 1860 in his father's household, but only initials are given, so I don't know the names of his parents or siblings. James was born in 1839 in Carroll Co., AR and died in Springtown in 1908. I would think that there is a link somewhere to your Plumlees, but I have not followed them back past 1860.

  2. Judy, they are related I found them in the 1850 census in Carroll Co., Ark. I will email you the information.

  3. That's fantastic, Debbie! Look forward to getting your information.

  4. I'd like that my whole family was buried in the same cemetery and in particular in this.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Patricia GalbreaithJune 1, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    under the grave marker, Harry H. Plumlee, it states he is the son of J.D. and ? Plumlee. J.D. (John Denton) was my grandfather and Mable Ardella was my grandmother. Both are buried at Zion Hill as is their baby, Harry. I remember my mother and grandmother speaking several times about Harry. He was less than 2 years old and died in the wintertime of pneumonia. I don't know the year. ---- Patricia Galbreaith

  7. I am researching my family, I've found the last 5 generations buried at springtown, but I found James Preston was married also to a Sarah Holden. James was the next ancestor I have been trying to find his grave, his father was william m Plumlee by all info I can find.

  8. Thank you for leaving your comment, Mike. If we find James Preston Plumlee's grave, I will certainly post it here, and hope that you or any family member who finds it will leave us a message. There are a lot of folks who want to know!

    Have you seen my posts about the Plumlees on Genealogy Traces?

  9. Some of my family are buried there. In the 1960's when my Grandmother would take us out there to visit her parents (George Thomas Stults and Missouri Ann Stults) and Grandmother's (Talitha Choate) graves, she told me some of the history of Zion Hill Cemetery. She said the small Schoolhouse/Church used to have the best well in the county. She said the water was clean and had a wonderful flavor, and that people would come from all around to drink water from the well. One day the water became very foul. The people in the area were concerned at the loss of the wonderful well, and upon researching the problem, found that the well was being tainted from runoff from the graves when it would rain. So sad... Also in the 1960's when we would visit the pretty little cemetery I would always come home covered in chigger bites. Despite that, the trips there with my Grandmother are still fond memories.


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