Banner Photograph of BRAD CEMETERY - Highway 180 West of Palo Pinto. Taken by Judith Richards Shubert 2009.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - March 3, 2009 - Raymond Aston

On a sunny day I walked toward the northwest corner of the country cemetery near Tolar with my eyes raised toward the metal fenced family plot that proved to belong to the Astons of Hood County. As I scanned the slight rise and small clump of cedar and oak that stood between me and my goal, I was taken by surprise by the tiny metal enclosure that was fashioned into what appeared to me to be a baby’s bed. The weeds and grass filled the inside of the plot with a beautiful little gravestone that could only be that of a child.

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to read it as I could not step into it or reach down inside it to remove some of the weeds around the stone, but after taking several digital shots with my Olympus camera I was able to read it. The weeds were not as high as those in the larger Aston family plot that was adjacent to it.

Raymond Son

Of Ada & Charlie


Born & Died

Jul 1, 1906

A stillborn baby is recorded in the Hood County Register of Births, 1903 – 1928,
born to Charlie Aston, residence Granbury, on July 1, 1906.
The baby’s birth is listed under Certificate #1199 which was filed the next day
on July 2, 1906, as white male, single birth, stillborn.
The mother’s name is not listed.

Hood County Genealogical Society
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Tolar, Hood County, Texas
Pictures taken by Judith Richards Shubert, 2008 (c)


  1. Judy, thank you for sharing the touching photographs of the Aston family's tribute to their lost child. As always, you present the story behind the photos in such a caring way.

  2. I add my thanks to Janice's for sharing this story.

  3. Judy, is this the cemetery that they call the Tolar Cemetery? If so, I have several relatives buried in that one, too.

  4. Thanks, girls, for reading my posts. You are so faithful. No, Debbie, I was still in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. I've not been in the Tolar Cemetery, but I understand it is further south of Tolar and is a little newer.

  5. Yes, I think Tolar Cemetery is newer. I have 10 collateral relatives buried there, but have never been. Most died in the 1930s and 1940s, but there were twin babies that died in 1906 that are buried there. Would love to go there some day.

  6. Give me a heads-up and we'll go together!


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