Banner Photograph of BRAD CEMETERY - Highway 180 West of Palo Pinto. Taken by Judith Richards Shubert 2009.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - February 10, 2009 - Unknown Child

This tiny grave with its unreadable stone is located in the older part of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery near Tolar in Hood County, Texas. The baby or child was obviously loved and the grave meant to be protected against erosion and some animals, if not all. The enclosure was built from large native rock indigenous to the area in this part of north Texas.

Picture taken by Judith Richards Shubert, December 2008


  1. Is there any idea how old it is? Unknown children are so sad.I alwasy want to research a child for our local Cemetery Stroll but I alwasy get outsted. Nobody wants to hear about it.

  2. These graves are hauntingly poignant, aren't they? Obviously the child was tenderly cared for as the stones surrounding it depict.

    It's always sad to see a child's grave, imagining what the parents must have gone through.

  3. Thanks. Diane, I'm not sure as I sit here at my desk but I believe there were other stones nearby that dated from 1900 - 1910. Your question led me to look at my photos again and I found that the very next 2 shots are close-ups of the gravestone. It looks like the name on it is Bula A., dau of ___. And I can't make out the rest. The next time I visit I will definitely look closer and see if I can pull away some of the grass so I can perhaps get a better look.

    I don't understand why nobody wants to hear the stories of small children and how they lived and died. If I were in charge of that Cemetery Stroll, I'd see that you were included in the program!

    Cheryle, I think you're right about this child being loved. I thought it was a beautiful way to surround the grave.

  4. It makes me wonder about her story. What happened to her parents? I agree with you and Diane, these are stories that should be told. Thanks for sharing this one with us.


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